About Us


The Mission of El Jardin Elementary is to educate all students to become critical thinkers by providing a strong foundation towards a college bound future.


The administration, faculty, staff, and parents of El Jardin Elementary School are united in their belief that all students can learn. We also realize that every student is an individual and that not all students learn at the same rate or under the same circumstance.  Our main academic goal is for every student to progress yearly by establishing a beginning point for learning and moving by utilizing every available resource.  We also believe in the development of student's self-worth by maintaining a positive school climate, rewarding achievement, and enforcing school policies.  We are united in our belief that parental support is essential to maximum student learning and will involve parents and the community members in all school programs.  We believe that the students who leave El Jardin School will have the academic skills, the determination, and a positive self-concept which will enable them to meet all future challenges.

El Jardin Elementary

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